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My Privacy Policy

One of the biggest concerns on the internet right now is privacy. When you download or install any software, you have to be careful. I am a HUGE fan of privacy. While I may ask for your email address in certain situations, I will NEVER give it out to anyone or use it to spam you or send solicitations of any kind. I may email you from time-to-time about updates to the software or important notices, but that is it, and only if you are on a mailing list I run. If you contact me through email I will NOT automatically add you to any list. Your email and any information you share will remain private. Your information will only be shared if circumstances allow it and you give me permission to do so.

CF Shopkart does not share any priviate information about you with me or anyone. Error submissions only send necessary data to my server so that I can address issues with the shopping cart. That information contains no personal data that you have entered into the shopping cart, or any information about your customers or stats of any kind. The only information shared is some helpful information like the version number and build you are running. I have no interest in making money from ill-gotten information or spying on you.

I respect your privacy, and I will do everything in my power to make sure that your privacy is protected both on my website and in the software I provide.