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About Me

I have been a Coldfusion programmer since 1998. I got started with CF programming when my internet "hobby" turned into a money-making venture almost overnight.  My first e-commerce website was a flower shop in New York, who needed a shopping cart application developed for their website.  I didn't like ASP and there wasn't many other options at the time so I went with Coldfusion, which was on version 4.5 and Allaire still owned it.

I learned a lot over the three months of putting their website together, and then over the next couple of years putting together other sites.  From these first sites came the first version of CF Shopkart (which was alot like the LITE version posted in the downloads section).  My goal was always to create a shopping cart application that was easy to use both for myself and my clients, and that I could easily add onto and modify.

For several years after that, I freelanced part-time while I held a full time job.  Then in June of 2004 I decided to go full-time as a freelance CF Programmer/Web Developer.  I have worked on several fun projects, and have seen a steady amount of growth in the past couple of years.  I have talked to some very interesting people all over the world, and I am excited to be part of a growing community of CF programmers worldwide! 

You might be wondering why I'd give away such a valuable application like CF Shopkart.  The simple reason is because I am tired of not seeing many open source efforts in the CF community.  The PHP community has a wide variety of applications availabe that are free and open source, and quite a few of them are very good.   The CF community is full of high-priced applications; many of which I don't feel are worth their weight in code.  CF Shopkart is just my way of giving back to a community that has helped me succeed in finding what I call "The Perfect Job for Me."  Also, I figure it will give you a chance to see the quality of my work; so if you are in need of a CF programmer I just might be your man (that is, if I am available). 

Thank you for stopping by, and thank you for downloading CF Shopkart! Be sure to checkout out the community section and join the forums! I look forward to reading your comments and suggestions. See you on the boards!


Jon Wallen
Author of CF Shopkart