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CF Shopkart 5.5 Installation Instructions

1. Unpack the archive and upload all the files to your website.

2. Create a database and use a tool like SQLYog to run the included sql schema. The sql schema creates all the tables necessary to run CF Shopkart.

3. Setup a Coldfusion DNS and call it whatever you want. You will need to consult your hosting provider on how to do this (or use the CF Administrator if you have access to it).

4. Open /config/config.cfm and set the request.dsn variable to whatever your DSN is you setup in step 3. Enter the full url to the website.

Note: If you are installing CF Shopkart in a subfolder, then you will need to change the request.absolutepath variable value. By default it is "/", but if you create a subfolder called "cfshpkart55" and install CF Shopkart to that folder, then you will need to set the absolute path to /cfshopkart55/

5. Open config/admin.cfm and set your master admin username/password to whatever you want. The default is demo for both, but you cannot make hardly any changes with that username/password. You need to change it to something else.

6. Proceed to setup your store.

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